Monday, May 30, 2011

Toronto Street Style- PS Champaul


Toronto Street Style- Isabel Marant


I love Isabel Marant,
You love Isabel Marant,
We all love Isabel Marant.

Damn, why is it so hard to find good selection of Isabel Marant here?

Toronto Street Style- ROARK: Andrew+Nelson


Andrew + Nelson


I caught a glimpse of Andrew and Nelson of ROARK collective.

They were visiting Canada from LA!

The current ROARK collection represents an individual who is trapped within a society. ROARK collective also represent like- minded individuals aspiring to attain an effortless style of efficiency and beauty.

In my personal opinion, both Andrew and Nelson represent an effortless style. Their style was not only efficient (to walk around Toronto), but also beautiful (I spotted them instantly).

ROARK will be featured at Serpentine in Yorkville.

Monday, May 16, 2011







It was Shane’s shirt that grabbed my attention. Then, I found out that Shane and Joseph are the designers for Aries & Leander. Their treasure box was full of bracelets, rings (which you can stack on top of each other), and earrings. All the pieces were simple, yet elegant which coincide with their philosophy –creation of timeless pieces, uncompromised and unrestricted by traditional construction and finishing. In the near future, Shane and Joseph will introduce their clothing line. Shane added that their clothing line will be experimenting with many bold colors.

Black Pug DMK






Brian Vu and Daisuke Kono, owners of Black Pug DMK (BPDMK), are not your ordinary magicians. They do not make rabbits disappear or perform card tricks.
Instead, they take “unappreciated” pieces of the past and give it a new breath of life.
With their sensible touch, furniture, sweater, t-shirt, jacket and bag are reborn.
Brian and Daisuke are magicians who want to share their antique vision with the rest of Torontonians.


Black Pug DMK

Monday, May 9, 2011

Street Style-Lewis Mirrett


Amazing shirt made by Lewis Mirrett himself. He has done a spectacular job at creating this artwork. He is a photographer and a shoe designer!

Street Style- Daniel Maynard


IMG_3449_1 IMG_3448

One sunny morning, I "spotted" Daniel while wondering Yorkville. I liked denim on denim with a bow tie. Daniel owns and operates Young & Affluent INC. in Vancouver, a Mens Fashion Agency dedicated to making great international trends accessible in Canada.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Street Style- fantastic footworks

A pair of Fendis can take you anywhere.

Her shoes tell me that spring is here!

Street Style- Lace

The first time I met her.

This was my second time meeting her on the street. She asked me if I ever get rejected taking photos (rejection is a habitual thing I am trying to get used to). We chatted for a bit about the weather and where she was off to. We talked about her work and how great her scarf looked (She made the scarf!) I was too caught up in the conversation, therefore, I realized only after she left that I did not ask her name.